I am a Kannadiga from a tiny town with lofty ambitions. I love traveling in trains and spending time at beaches. Having spent my childhood summer vacations in my native village that lies beneath the mighty Western Ghats, I have grown fond of forests and rivers. I passionately play simulation games in my spare time. I enjoy reading books and watching classic movies.

I am a physics undergraduate student at IISER Thiruvananthapuram, one of the premier research institutions in India for basic sciences. Although primarily interested in quantum information theory and quantum physics, I partake in theoretical pursuits of almost any discipline. I consider myself a student forever.

This blog is a collection of things I find interesting. If any piece of this inconsequential pile of information helps you in any way, that's a bonus! I have always wanted to write and maintain a blog and it looks like I am finally there.

Online footprints

  • Twitter: I am quite active on Twitter nowadays. Follow me @abhay__hegde.
  • Github: Check out some of my contributions here. Pyquirk, templates latex, mathematica notebooks etc.
  • Stack Exchange: I have been learning a good amount of physics by asking questions and writing answers on Physics Stack Exchange site.

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  • Hacker News
  • You can reach me by mail at firstname lastname @protonmail.com

About this site

This site is mainly inspired from Tania Rascia's old website. I learnt Gatsby framework and deployed it on Netlify.

Blog/website rolls

  • Paul Graham - I have always found his essays to be simple, effective and well-reasoned thoughts and mostly advice.
  • Maria Popova - This website hosts some of the fascinating articles I have read and serves as an inventory of meaningful life. Do visit this for a fresh inspiration to fuel your creativity.
  • Seth Godin - Inspiring set of interesting medium-sized articles from a teacher.
  • Michael Nielsen